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Friday, 25 June 2010

Just because I can....

I decided to have a little giveaway on my blog today.  I have been sketching over the last couple of days... I'm always skipping between projects.  If my hands and time could keep up with my mind I would be a very happy girlie... cos ideas keep sprouting but I don't have enough hours to do all I would like to :D
Anyways I waffle.... so if you would like this free digi stamp feel free to grab it.  (click on pic to enlarge and then right click and save as.)
I decided to colour some of the images for you but hey I'm not the best colourer (sp?) in the world although I'm working on
Will come back tomorrow to show you how I used it.
happy crafting.
Chris xx


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, she is gorgeous. I stopped by to say how grateful I am for your very thoughtful and kind words on my blog today and ended up seeing this beauty. Can't wait to see how you used her, too.

Electra said...

Oh thank you Chris! (Now if only my laptop would cooperate)I think you're a good colourer! She's sweet!

Chriss Rollins said...

wow you just keep coming up with gorgeous goodies for your colouring in I have watched you take so much time with your water filled brush working it and working it.... you are the best adult colourer I know and have to say adult 'cos if my grandkids read this they would be upset as I tell them they are the best colourer
I have nabbed her and just as soon as I get the time I will be using her...well done you.

I got a million things to do today but just had to pop on and see what you been up to and hoe to be back blogging again next week.

take care have a great weekend.

chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

ps think you should put a little comp out to all of us to get a name for her.
and cannot wait to see what you have created with her.

chriss x

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Thank you for being os generous, Chris! She is lovely and i have saved her to my computer :) I also like your colouring in.

Can't wait to see how you used her!

Unknown said...

Hiya Chris
been without my computer, and you have done some stunning work, love the gold shoe, well I just love everything you do, thanks for the freebie she is gorgeous, cant wait to see what have done with her.
Have a great weekend
Christine x

Karen said...

oooo I think your a great colourer inner as well and also a great drawerer too!!! Lovely work missus XXX

Linby said...

wow - thanks so much. I thought it was going to be a physical freebie and thought I had better not enter as I won your last one!
I left you a question on your Paris atc posting - don't know if you missed it - would appreciate your help.

Lori said...

Very cool! I can't wait to see how you used your sketch, it's lovely!

Linby said...

Thanks Chris - would never have found that!