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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sometimes I am inspired....

by something someone else has created and last week while staying with Chriss she made a dress for a challenge.  Well when I looked at it...I thought awwww it's so gorgeous and it looks like a dress for 'Tiny tears'  hands up who had one of those dollys  and a potty for her to wee in ....rofl

So because Chriss had some paper left over I couldn't resist making some tiny little shoes to go with it.  They really are tiny... I think about 2inches long....maybe a wee bit more but not much.  They were a bit fiddly but OMG I have a new addiction... SHOES.  Okay so I've always been addicted to buying shoes but never making paper ones.
 Pop over to the Papergirls blog to see the gorgeous dress to go with me lickle shoes... Chriss would love to see you :D
The template for the shoes was from Craftstamper mags online freebies.
Watch this space for some grown up shoes soon!!
Chris xx


Crafting Queen said...

These are adorable Chris! Anesha

Anonymous said...

Ohh these are super. what a great idea
j x

Sandy said...

OMG OMG OMG so darling little shoes.
Absolutely awesome.

Happy weekend my dear.

Karen said...

ME ME ME!!!!! I had a Tiny Tears but sadly she ended up deceased due to a blockage caused by a dreadful owner who made her drink ready brek hahahahaha!!!!!

GORGEOUS shoes my MUST make some more for a display!!! XXX

Unknown said...

They are gorgeous have a great weekend, popping over to see the dress.
Christine x

Anonymous said...

OMG!!These are `the sweetest` pretty TFS
Hope your having a lovely weekend:0xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

I am admiring your pretty little shoes and wondering how you made them! They go beautifully with the dress. You are just so creative, Chris :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

What gorgeous creations Chris. I love it when you are on a creative roll.