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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Smile card

I made me a little card with a difference... well a difference for me cos I don't normally DO  Flowers...yes.... girlies...yes.... altered....yes....birdies....yes.... but fruit....not before now :D

Still there is a first time for everything eh.  I had these little squares left over from part of a bird stamp by Crafty Individuals and cos one of my new fave colours is orange I just coloured them in on a whim with colour from my reinker... and lo and behold they magically turned into a card.... how'd that happen....rofl

I had to turn it into an easel card...cos I am loving these too right now...but changed it a little so the bottom piece showed more when the top is propped up.

It had to have a flower on it.... layered paper circles on top of a paper and fabric bloom....

and though I know peaches are not supposed to be THIS orange... I can do what I like in the name of art... can't I.... can't I   lol

Thanks for looking
Chris xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Yes, you can do what you want in the name of art, it's your art after all, loving this card.

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is colorful.
So summer feeling. Love it.

Crafting Queen said...

Love the orange image, great card.

Sandra Hall said...

Its called artistic licence Chris, so yes, you can do what you want! Love how you altered the little flower. And peaches, I thought they were oranges! heh heh heh

Unknown said...

beautiful card Chris Love the colours, Christine x

~*~Patty S said...

your peaches your way Chris and I Love them

such gorgeous happy colors on this card ... it would cheer anyone's day!