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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Doodling again...

cos stamping and stuff just isn't doin' it for me right now.  I feel lost without a pen, pencil or paintbrush in my hand!!  It's just sooooo relaxing having a sketchpad in front of me and just going with the flow.  When I drew this ice skate it brought back memories of all the times I tried to learn and all the times I landed on my backside while trying ha ha ha

I love to watch people whizzing around on the ice and I have to admit they make me a little bit envious too.... but as I don't really like the cold,  it's not something I am desperate to be good at.  Give me HEAT any day of the week... sunshine or central heating... I don't mind which... as long as I am warm :D
Chris xx


Karen said...

I can cope with the cold but I do have to have terra firma under me!!!! This is wonderful and it looks sooo relaxing to do! Keep warm honey HUGS XXX

~*~Patty S said...

Absolutely Brilliant Chris!
Love your zendoodled ice skate!

Rosie said...

Love it Chris - especially the colour! =)

Gini said...

Fantabulous doodily ice-skate.
I loved the sense of exhilarating freedom skating fast used to give me, but I don't want it enough to risk injury now. The papercrafting seems to give me my fix nowadays.
I wonder if your new love of painting gives you a replacement fix instead of the skating?
Changing the subject -
Sometimes its nice to imagine painting thick acrylic onto canvas in your favourite colours as a way to go to sleep if mind chatter is keeping you awake. It usually works for me anyway. (Jeepers I'm exciting aren't I? LOL)

Kaz said...

I'm like you, my card making has taken a big backseat since I began journalling. I can't quite doodle like you though xx