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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Freedom art journal page

A bit of a change from painting with this page... but hey I still have pencils and pens in my hands.  I love doing backgrounds with coloured pencil because they have such a delicate look.   Glueing and sticking is so therapeutic too and those old magazines sure do come in useful :D

Doing pages opens up some really wierd stuff in my head sometimes... do you feel that when you do yours???  Do you feel that sometimes other people pull the strings in your life more than you do yourself... I think I have always been a people pleaser... more worried about others than myself and it sure is a hard habit to break.   ooooooooer DEEP or
Chris xx


Crafting Queen said...

Wonderful, love the colours!

Gez Butterworth said...

Oooh gorgeous page. :) The colours are fantastic Chris & so uplifting. :)
Tis tiring being a people pleaser & wonderful to go wild art journaling. Some very strange things came to mind last night while I was working on a page! Managed to jot them down.. not sure about sharing wacky pages but there is a wonderful sense in freedom & peace about them so that must be good. :)
Keep 'em coming girlie.xx

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is stunning.
Brilliant page. Love them.

Karen said...

Gez is right...its very tiring being a people pleaser isn't it? So this page is wonderful in that it shouts out the freedom!!!!! Wonderful work my lovely friend XXX

Dawn said...

Hiyaaa Yooo!!
How you doing?
Wow this is so vivacious, love it!
I wouldn't know where to start it's so creative..


Lori said...

Well, it's your art, so you can do it however you like, and I LOVE it!

Electra said...

I know about being a people pleaser. Gave it up. Now I'm just a b...h. Hah! Not really. I love this page, Chris, it's much free-er than I'm able to be!