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Monday, 29 November 2010

Sketch journal page2

One of the fun parts of trying out sketching different  faces is that they always end up looking so completely unlike what I imagine they will.  I am not working from reference photos yet... I guess that I will do this at a later date... I quite like the surprise at the end of my sketching so for now I am just going with the flow :D

It would be really freaky if I came across anyone in real life who actually looks similar to one of my drawings...ooooer.  I think I liked this one better before I added colour ... I used normal coloured pencils this time... liked them better than the pastel pencils.

I am getting better every day... though it may not look like it to 

You will see as the days go on.  It is definitely right that the more you do something... the better you become and the easier it gets.  I am trying to leave the mistakes I've made just so I can look back myself and see what I have achieved in future weeks.  Sometimes I just don't see that something isn't right until I look at the finished sketch and then it's too late to erase it anyway.

No matter.... I am learning to love my art... warts and all :D
Thanks for looking
Chris xx


Joanna said...

Would it sound strange if I said that is a fantastic nose?! As a fellow new sketcher I really appreciate that nose. Keep up the good work!


Linby said...

wow - you are going from strength to strength. I like the first one better too, she seems to have a "knowing look" to her which makes her more than one dimensional (if that makes any sense!).

Gini said...

To my brain (which is a bit strange sometimes I know) she has an Angela Rippon look about her. Especially the lower part of her face when she was reading out a sad bit of news in her younger days. Can you see her in there?
I am amazed at how different her face looks coloured to uncoloured. Uncoloured she looks like she's daydreaming and coloured she looks like she's dealing with lose. Eyes just speak volumes.
I think they are all brilliant Chris and I too prefer them coloured. Hope you are enjoying your course this week.

I have never tried pastel pencils from your previous post, but I usually manage to find some helpful blogs or websites by googling art materials. Type in "pastel pencil techniques" or similar.
I found some great tips googling this way when I got my Derwent Inktense pencils.
P.S. On the subject of expressive faces, I think the Mona Lisa's smirk is because she's just let off a SBDF.
(Silent but deadly fart) Just saying...

Netty said...

I love them all, whether they are coloured or not. Great work. Annette x

Sandra Hall said...

Trying to leave the mistakes....? she looks pretty perfect to me! x

jill said...

I also love these drawings, I only just found your blog and have been following for a day or two. I love your faces and think they are quirky, something I would like to one day aspire to.

Sandy said...

Wow this is so beautiful.
Fantastic drawing. Love them.

Artyjen said...

Another wowser Chris! You keep's obviously just your thing ;)
xoxo Sioux

Karen said...

Now I can't see Angela Rippon myself but I can see YOU!!!!! I am loving that you are showing us the sketches first....I love sketching!!!

Beautiful work....looking forward to the next one my lovely XXX