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Monday, 17 January 2011

Charcoal face

I recently bought myself some charcoal pencils and have been having another play with faces... it's cool experimenting with different mediums... I also found a book of buff coloured paper that I bought for DG so I've claimed it as my new faces book :D

 It's certainly a lot quicker not having to worry about putting the skin tone down.  I struggled with hair but hey ho more practice needed and I'm onto it.  I will get to where I want to be in the end but for now I'm happy to experiment.

I've also been  playing  at doing faces with oil pastels and more graphite ones which I will share with you later... watch this space ;-p
What always surprises me... working from my imagination is how each face transforms before my very eyes... it always makes me wonder if they resemble anyone in real life... ooooer that would be
Chris xx


Netty said...

Your experiments are a darn sight better than mine...loving yours. Annette x

Sally H said...

Once upon a time I looked a little bit like that! The hair is perfect and you certainly have a wonderful way with charcoal. I find faces so difficult. I'm much better at Apples, mushrooms and stones!

Victoria said...

Super gorgeous...wonderful work..i love her soulful enchanting eyes!

Rosie said...

I love the subtle tones Chris! Are those charcoal pencils tinted? I have one charcoal and a few Inktense (which I love...), but I haven't tried the Graphitint yet.
My best flesh colour comes from a paint box!
Your faces are really good mate - keep practising!