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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Too much face.....

not enough  That'll teach me to draw big eh!!  I really need to take into consideration that a girl needs hair ;-p   I can't think of a way round giving her her crowning glory now so I think she is destined to be used in a journal page or two because if I cut her out and paste her onto another page I will have two levels to deal with...bah.  Don't think the coloured pencil will cope with that and I don't want lines.

I really do need to buy a bigger sketch book... A5 just ain't  big enough for me.... something to do with the eyesight on the old bird...rofl.

Need some really good pencils too now that I've discovered I can use them properly.  These were cheapo ones from tesco... I am just imagining how cool it must be to use the better ones.

Chris xx


Anonymous said...

Beautiful my `friend` xxx

Karen said...

Oh Missus...don't cut her out! I love her the way she is! XXX

Linby said...

She is beautiful just the way she is, reminds me of one of the sci-fi films where there was a "alien" who looked like this.

Susie Jefferson said...

This looks great, just as it is. What about a few lines just to suggest a turban if you think you need something 'up top'?

You need to check this out : as Workshop 1 FREE) has just started, so not too late to join. Pam Carricker is running the first one - and guess what? She photocopies an image she's drawn and then works with it in different sizes. Sounds like your ideal solution to me!

Hope this helps - and don't you dare cut that image.

Kath Stewart said...

wow chris I am blown away by your have well and truly found your niche...can't wait to see more...wishing you a very happy sketching 2011...hugs kath xxx

Sally H said...

Stunning! Her eyes and lips and, well everything is total perfection. I like the idea of a turban mentioned above. I can recommend lakeland coloursoft pencils. not cheap, but wonderful to use

Sandy said...

Wow you are a master.
This is a beauty. Love it.

Cory said...

This piece is lovely...carefully tear the edges off and use the face for collage. The torn and uneven edges now become part of the design, as if it was done with purpose.

Thank you for visiting my blog

Cory said...

Hope you don't mind a second comment.Could not locate an email for you.
The face is painted beautifully...sometimes it is the placement. The first drawing is contained within the margins of the paper, she is lovely, but the eye moves to the outer edge of her head and follows it around. The bottom photo has the same lovely face, but now the placement keeps my eye within the face, and her not having hair is an afterthought.

Those are my two cents...keep up the good work.

Electra said...

Her eyes are beautiful! I like her lips too.