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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Milliande's journalling challenge days 5,6 and 7

I've been continuing with the Milliande journalling challenge but there aren't enough days in the week to share everything I've been doing with you.... oooooh super productive I've been.  It's amazing how quickly you can work with a journal, a few pens, oil pastels and watercolours.  I don't spend half the time looking for stuff like I do when I'm crafting (when I'm crafting I usually find that what I want to use is right at the back of a cupboard in the 'might need it later box'

Ok journalling.... Day 7 was create a zebra by drawing round your hand.

 Day 6 ... Millipede me... did I catch the the bottom half of me looks pretty familiar... all those Christmas goodies lying on my hips ;-)

Lastly day 7... Create a window in the page.  I was a bit unsure of this one when I started but I love it now it's finished.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend
Chris xx


Unknown said...

The zebra is the best I have seen a few people following I may have to look more into these things.

Lovely work hun so happy your having such fun

Love Dawn xx

Karen said...

ooooo your zebra is fabulous!!!!!! Love the mane!!!!

Love your millipede & I am sure you are exagerating about the hips :D

ooo your window is just gorgeous my lovely!

All in all...your book will be amazing I reckon! xxx

Netty said...

Terrific fun and so inspiring. Annette