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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Sketchbook challenge

Almost didn't get time to post my pages for The Sketchbook Challenge... where the first theme is 'Highly Prized'. 

I have spent the last few days trying to remove over 180 viruses from my laptop...aaaaargh.  DG went onto a site to watch something for kids and all of a sudden my laptop went haywire.  PANIC!!  more so because I haven't backed up my files for ages.... Lesson learned.  Thankfully I have a good virus protection but I may not have been so lucky... I am so grateful that my laptop didn't crash... I would have lost soooooo much work!! So please  remember to back up regularly.

Ok on to my pages for the January sketchbook challenge....

This one is about my imagination which is 'Highly Prized' by me.  Sometimes I don't know where the thought process comes from when I create something... but I'm glad that it just 'happens'.   So on this page these things are important to me :-
My vision....for art ... and my sight.
My imagination.... which allows me to see blue leaves... paint falling from the page into puddles and balloons growing from flat paint splats etc.
My pencils and colour... so important in allowing me to give my imagination a voice.

This page is about my learning journey (at the moment with faces) and how much I am enjoying the experience and how thankful that I have the chance to do something which makes me so content :-)

Thanks for looking
be back soon
Chris xx


Rita A. said...

These are both wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

Now I thought that first page was wonderful and then I scrolled down!!!!! OMG missus, thats awesome!!!! HUGS XXX

Linby said...

wow Chris -you have a fab imagination. I love both of them.