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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Journal pages in colour

Well I am chuffed to have found a new use for my oil pastels in the second part of the Strathmore visual journal course with Pam Carriker.  I would never have thought of using them with gesso but OMG I just love the technique and will use them even more now.  Opens up so many fab projects for me to do with them in future...whooohooo.

 I like this one best and it came together like a dream.... I had problems with the face on the one below and ended up redoing that part 3 times before it looked half decent!! 

I got a bit fed up in the end so decided to leave it alone even though it's still not how I would like it.  It didn't photograph too well because the paper buckled because of all the layering I did so there are more shadows on it than in reality.  I have a feeling that I will come back to it when I'm feeling a bit more patient and redo the bits I'm not happy with.
Chris xx


Sandra Hall said...

Well this looks great to me Chris!They both do....wonderful work! I'm intrigued about you using oil pastels with gesso! Please explain! x

Crafting Queen said...

These are beautiful!!!

Lori said...

Wow! These are really, really fantastic! Just LOVE them! Such great color!

Karen said...

WOW...these are just fabulous my lovely xxx

Linby said...

These are both fab-but I LOVE the first one. So quirky, you are SO creative.