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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Meet Eloise.... she isn't anyone I know,  but I decided it would be rude not to not give my girlie's a name.... instead of face1, face2

Don't ask me where THAT name came from... it just sort of popped into my Eloise she is :D

Now I know that some you prefer just the pencil version.... but I just can't stop playing in Photoshop although I just coloured the eyes and mouth in this one.

Thanks for looking
Chris xx


Sandra Hall said...

Hello beautiful! You are amazing Chris - a really great sketch.

There's a lttle something on my blog for you :) x

Karen said...

oooo sweetheart...Eloise is beautiful!!! She looks very sexy!!!! I know someone called Eloise & she DOES look a bit like that :-D xxx

Carol said...

Brilliant love the photoshop version too

Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Eloise is beautiful, love her. S xx

Lori said...

Eloise is beautiful, love her mouth! She kinda reminds me of Julia Roberts... love the colored eyes and mouth version too. I think it's great to name these, it's when you start talking to them that becomes

Carol said...

Eloise is beautiful, you are very talented!

Linby said...

another fab one Chris, I love her hair and the tie in it.