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Friday, 18 February 2011

My latest pencil offering...

is another of my girlie's. Really happy with the way this one turned out.

I particularly like her nose.... I know sad or what .... but well noses I find the hardest to get right so I'm pleased that this one turned out to be a cute one :-) Bet she would be too if she could talk ;-)

Couldn't stop there either... after I scanned her I did a little bit of photoshop magic... love the transformation that colour produces.

Brings her more to life don't you think?
Chris xx


Lori said...

Lovely, Chris! Those green eyes with the purplish hair really pop! And yes, the nose is quite lovely!

Karen said...

You can slap me if you like my lovely but I do prefer the pencil version! Lots of hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE the hair!! She is beautiful! S x

Electra said...

Yes, I think it does. Her green eyes really pop!