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Monday, 7 February 2011

My first PROPER sketch pad...

by that I mean A4 size... purposely meant for sketching and here's my first sketch in it.  I use all sorts to draw on but up to now have mainly used A5 spiral bound sketch books of the 99p  Not quite what a REAL artist would use I'll bet.

 So I thought if I am to take myself and my art seriously it is time to play with the big girls and use Artist quality supplies. 

It won't stop me using my cheapy bits and pieces...cos I do like them... but I want to improve and I need to learn to draw on a larger scale I think.  Mind you the surface of this paper is sooooo different from the ones I usually use that it brings up new challenges all of it's own.   I'm getting  another step nearer to braving that first 'real' portrait ... which is why I took up sketching again. Wish me luck ;-)
Chris xx


Crafting Queen said...

Great piece, and well done you for being brave and trying something different. :)

Karen said...

Oh Chris...its another self protrait!!! There really is a likeness my lovely! But how brve are you to go up to A4...thats scary!!! Proper artist sketch pads have a lovely surface to work on don't they. I use an A5 for my journaling hugs xxx

Netty said...

This is superb Chris. Annette x

Unknown said...