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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Sketchbook challenge-February-Opposites

The pencils just WON'T stay in their  So it's just as well that it's time for February's Sketchbook Challenge.  I had lots of ideas for this theme but I couldn't resist doing another face.  I wanted to experiment with coloured pencil and graphite in a combined sketch.  It was quite difficult because my eye kept being drawn to the coloured part when I was trying to draw the grayscale bits.  I really enjoyed the challenge though and was quite happy with the result.

When I had finished I couldn't resist a little play in photoshop so that I could change the placement of each side and I think I like this even better :D

Have a great weekend all
Chris xx


Netty said...


Crafting Queen said...

Wow, this is wonderful!

Lori said...


Karen said...

ooo now I just can't choose between them...they both look so different although they are really the same ifswim hahahaha!!! Beautiful work my lovely xxx

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