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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Milliande journal challenge day12

I'm still doing my pages for Milliande's journalling challenge but keep getting waylaid with other things.  I WILL complete them all though... even if it takes me a while.  I've sort of skipped a couple that didn't appeal to me but will do them at a later date.  The good thing is that you can dip in whenever you like :D

Day 12 (Daily debris) really appealed to me... so much so that I did a double page (which I hardly ever do).  The pencils took a beating as is usual nowadays but I also added some collage, oil pastels, acrylic paint, watercolour and some toilet roll .... yes I did say toilet roll...rofl ... well I was using some to take the wet out of my brushes so I decided to stick some on my page too ;-)
I also used some book pages, a stamped image that I had coloured previously but not used and pens for the wording. 
Chris xx


Karen said...

oh Chris, this is a lovely page!!!! love the idea of bog roll and why not eh xxx

Sally H said...

It's stunning! You are such a whizz with faces. This one is so beautiful! There is a certain song going round in my head now (I'm just a hippy at heart!)