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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Altered notebook

Well I had intended to show you something completely different today but my camera isn't playing!! One of my minor gripes today.... first one being parking.... aaaaaargh. I take DG once a fortnight to pay his pocket money into the bank (see I can be a serious Nanna sometimes...trying to convince him that saving IS a good thing)... so this takes me all of FIVE minutes to go in and make a deposit with him. I always have my £1.20 'daylight robbery cash' for parking money ready but today having NO extra change I was hopping about like a mad frog when I realized it had gone up to £1.40 !! So rather than risk a £20 fine for not displaying my ticket and only having a tenner I had to drive out of the car park to go in hunt for change. Stopped at a shop to be told I would have to spend something so they could open the till to give me some change!! So a packet of chewing gum later I returned to park the car... only for the parking meter to swallow my first pound without registering... so now my parking cost me £2.40 cos there was no-one around to give me a refund... though I bet if I had left the car in a bay and gone change hunting, there would have been a trillion parking attendants there with their little book of tickets ready to slap one on my windscreen...bah!! Next trip was to Tesco who have refurbished their store but forgot to change the signs.... as if it wasn't hard enough to find anything now, goes down the signposted aisle to pick up some soup... and yes you've guessed it no So I thought no way am I going to wander round here for an hour for the sake of a tin of Heinz... no matter how delish it is, so I asked an assistant where to find it. The answer.... "oh didn't you know it's up by the crisps now"? Well Hello... yes of course I know that which is why I have a trolley load of soup cans!! and on top of that I'm wandering round like a headless
Some days home seems so undervalued but boy was I pleased to come back through my own front door and put all of the little annoyances behind me... well apart from blurting them out on my blog to you that
Anyway this is a notebook I covered a few weeks ago... and forgot to show you... (a Tesco's one no I wanted to play flower making again and it is kinda taking over my life right now... haven't got much to put them on but can't stop putting them together :)
The papers and twill ribbon are from Cosmo Cricket ' Haunted' kit and I just adore this paper especially...
I just think the distressed edges are totally scrummy. Colours in the photos look a wee bit different but I assure you it IS all the same book.

This is the completed thing... the cheap as chips notebook also had an elastic wrap to keep it closed which I think finishes it off nicely and which I have to say inspired my use of paper and embellishments too.

Hope you like it... and forgive me for waffling so much... a girls just gotta do what a girls gotta do and it was just one of those days :) I'm a happy bunny now though and it's almost time for X Factor so I am off to watch a little bit of telly for a change.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Chris xx


Chriss Rollins said...

We sat drooling over the cosmo cricket papers that night..I watched you alter that note book do you remember the time the pizza was a teeny tiny bit over cooked...rofpmsl... in the flesh the notebook is stunning I so wanted it.
You sound like you have had fun today again.
chriss x

Rika said...

Your notebook looks wonderful!

Linda Vincent said...

Oh poor you Chris - what a frustrating time you had today! Hopefully the Xfactor will soothe you,lol !!
Thanks for your comments, looking forward to seeing your challenge artwork when your camera is behaving.
Love Linda xxx
PS Lovely notebook!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh yes I know the feeling Chris. Some days are just dugh. Anyway looks like by the end of the day you started having fun with your projects. Just the receipe to unwind. Love the flower and the note book it is beautiful.

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork, I love seeing ordinary objects turned into something so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like a Day with me
Hope you `enjoyed` your soup whilst watching the X-Factor Chriss....
tell ya what tho that Book is `SCRUUMY` I love it!!!
`Enjoy` the rest of your weekend:)~X~

Pearl said...

oh my ! that black flower is just stunning , Chris ! & the size is perfect for your notebook ! fabulous !

Hmm yeah ! hear you on the parking - change - traffic warden woes ! lol - same the world over aint it !

No worries of not being able to get into my blog comments ! Blogger really comes up with funny stuff I tell yer ! lol

Sue said...

Fabulous Chris. What a beautiful notebook. Your photography, btw, of all your creations is super and love the way you crop.

Let it all out! You have to otherwise it will fester and eat away. When machines do that to me I always feel like kicking them, of course it would be me that would come off worse!

A good lesson for your grandson. Get this at 15 Joshua has his pocket money paid directly in to the bank! How "modern" is that!

He is 16 in December and we are going to give him a clothing allowance. We will buy schoolwear and underwear but the rest he has to manage! One of the most important life skills you can have is a knowledge of balancing money against wants and needs. I think he'll do good :-)

Take care Chris.

Sue :-)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OMG, I love this! I agree that these papers and the whole Haunted product line are just FANTASTIC!

Kath Stewart said...

love your little altered notebook Chris but it did make me you couldn't find another in your refurbished Tesco...why do they have to move things and you had me in stitches with your parking fiasco....thank goodness it's not just me that finds life so tedious at times

carolann said...

Wow well done it looks completely restored well done hun xxxxx