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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Boo bag - Gothic Arch challenge and Papergirls sneak peak

Ooooooh a long post tonight because the best laid plans this week have gone astray. I had intended to get round to visit everyone's blogs but well luck hasn't been on my side since my last post. I spent the day with my crafty friend Chriss on Thursday crafting through her birthday and having lots of laughs along the way, most of Friday was spent getting ready to go visit my sister for a couple of days but then hey ho I got a bug!! It must have been a super big bug cos it totally knocked me for six..... I think this one had pit boots on the amount of thudding it did with my tummy :-0 So no visiting or blogging for me as I have spent the last couple of days either in the little girls room or in bed!! (ooooh maybe a little too much information ok but you get my Thankfully I am now starting to feel much better so I will be visiting you all very soon but in the meantime here is a bit of eye candy for you to peek at :)

Halloween won't be long in coming now and while I don't really bother with it myself my DG loves it as most kids do... so I have a few things that I have made for him, to share with you over the next couple of weeks.

Once again I have been playing at making flowers albeit different ones this time, was gonna use ribbon b u t I just couldn't bend my arm up my back for this one... maybe soon I will overcome my horror of cutting it into tiny pieces.. I'm working on it ;-)

All of the cutie images I used to create my little Boo Bag are from Cens Loft I love them lots and you can get them as a free download in either digital form or as printables for those of you who like to be hands on. I indulged in a little bit of doodling too on my gift bag and filled it with sweeties... quickly before I was tempted to stuff my face with

My next piece was for last weeks Gothic Arch challenge (Haute Couture) which I didn't get posted in time but since it was finished I wanted to share it with you anyway. I love girly things and Black and White and I think the two go so well together... classy and elegant. I love the glamour of old films and the beautiful way the filmstars used to dress, I could soooo see myself in the era of those movies... glammed up and partying with a glass of bubbly in my hand, diamonds dripping from my earlobes with a figure to die for.... shame I have to come back down to earth and deal with reality ain't it

I used to wear killer heels... through summer, rain and snowstorms... nothing less than 4" heals would do... and pencil skirts ooooooh I had them in every colour imaginable BUT that was before my toes began to throb at the sight of a pair of pointy toes and my hips began to gain a wobble all of their own ;-) aaaaaw the distress that causes

Oh well guess we can't have it all... I'm happy and loved and relatively healthy (now I've kicked that big bug into touch... I hope) so I think my cup runneth over... what say you :)
Now for a sneak peek of something else I have made.... to see the whole thing you have to pop over to The Papergirls blog where you will find a pic of the whole thing :)

Okay before I hit the sheets running I have to ask you this.... Does anyone else adore Dawn Porter? She is just the most adventurous funniest gal on the box right now... she is up for anything and I just finished watching her do a programme on Seriously Dirty Dancing... oh boy what a treat. Not only cos I love the film Dirty Dancing (though not nearly as much as DD who has seen it in excess of 200 times since it was first released) but because Dawn Porter had me howling with her antics and sheer enthusiasm all the way through. She recreated the last dance of the movie with a dance instructor and did brilliantly, I must add that the highlight for me was seeing her do one of the "dirty dances" in a pink ballerina fat suit... I don't think I have gut bustingly laughed like I just did in many a month.... absolutely out of this world...fantabulous it was!!

That's my lot for tonight... I will be back tomorrow with some more creative goodies and doing some blog hopping too... I'm off to bury my head in a soft squishy pillow and wrap myself snugly in my winter weight quilt hopefully to dream nice dreams and wake up feeling on top of the

See you soon :D


Chris xx


Chriss Rollins said...

WOW WOW WOW what a treat for us.
this post is amazing and very have me lol at 8am on a Monday morning.. thank you.
Now that goodie bag...I am coming round yours trick or you had better make me one.
So original.

the arch is stunning I watch you put that together.
Also the note book and it's even more lovely in real life.
Stay tuned over the next week or so I know what other halloween goodies chris has in store.
Chriss x

sharon said... your boo bag...I did my some lollies for my tick n treaters..but..well.....I have to say..I have ate a lot of them..rofl....aahhh been poorly, those flippin pit byuts, glad to hear you're feelin a little

Census said...

I love your Boo Bag!! Not only does it look fantastic...but you put sweeties in it...heaven!!
The altered arch is really classy in b&w..sophistication supreme!!
That bug you had sounds nasty...I'm glad your feeling better now.

Pearl said...

So sorry you've been bitten by the wrong bug , Chris ! ACK !

But wonderful creations still ! lol fab fab arch project b&w sophistication indeed !

& that Halloween goodie bag looks so sweet ! lol

Denise said...

I so share your view on that era! The pure elegance! Love your arch (the paper one, NOT the foot one;) ) Your boo bags are delightful!

Anonymous said...

These are `gorgeous` Chris..that bag is soo cool your DG ill love it!!!
Glad you and Chris had a great night:)
I do hope your feeling better soon:)~X~

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh my what can I say? Chris I hope keep having your high moments if it produces such fantastic goodies.

Linda Vincent said...

Beautiful work Chris and I'm so glad you're feeling better.What a lucky grandson - his friends will all be jealous!
Love Linda x

carolann said...

stunning boo bag hun xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow is right! I love this! Great details!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

A stunning arch Chris and the Boo Bag is brill! I loved your images!