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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fairy fridge magnet

Still in my altering phase and trying to create new things I decided to make myself a fridge magnet. Something pretty to look at with a sentiment to remind me when I am being forgetful (which is that I should try to be more patient with myself. Don't know how many times I've gone to put a pan in the fridge or put the milk in a cupboard!! Concentration is the key... only more oft than not my head is in the clouds with thoughts of what I want to create next or full of the necessary little details of doing the shopping list and paying the bills uuuurgh ;-)
The main image and those gorgeous wings and crown came from Scrapz and though they are only small they definately add a bit of glamour don't you think.
I love butterflies so just had to add one, more German scrap... I love using this and it is so cheap that I can afford to use it lots...whooohooo

The base is made from folded ribbon (oooh aren't I getting good... think my addiction to hoarding it is placed on top of folded strips of vellum, another of my must have products in my craft box but underused lately. The words are cut from a sentiment strip also available from Scrapz... just finishing my little magnet off nicely....

and here is the completed thing... not a great photo as I managed to miss the bottom but you get the idea.
Hope you are having a fab day :)
Catch ya later
Chris xx


sharon said...

ahh hun..a sophisticated fairy, she's you think if I made a plump fairy and stuck her on the fridge, she might make me stop opening't worry about the mind..what you don't know won't hurt have to laugh don't you.xxxxxxxx

Chriss Rollins said...

frying pan in the fridge...isnt that where it lives?
oh better get mine out then.

Ribbon hey you are losing your dont use ribbon hoard it...doe this mean my ribbon dispencer will get used now.
it's a great magnet.
chriss x

Alhambra Club said...

Wow, this is fantastic, great fridge magnet, you have been quite busy lately, missed visiting you and your wonderful creations.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fridge magnet Chris. I have some of those wings, just not used them yet. Actually you have reminded me that I have them, lol. Off to dig them out....x

Heather Robinson said...

I'm laughing because I would be too distracted by this fantastic fairy on my fridge to remember what I was supposed to put into or take out of it!LOL What a fantastic piece...tres chic!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Such gorgeous fridge magnets!! Love
your style.

Dawn said...

This is gorgeous!

Viola said...

Wonderful work again!

Pearl said...

oh my that image is just gorgeous & what a terrific magnet it turned out to be !

& you're being tagged - & only if you're up to it !

Esther said...

love the eclectic come retro feel of this piece! really cool and quirky!