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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Linda and Rosie's awfully big art adventure challenges

Okay everyone hold on to your hats cos this is a Loooooooong After a few hiccups and problems with my camera I have finally managed to upload the creations I have made for Rosie and Linda's last three Art adventure challenges and I have to say I have had heaps of fun with these and been taken well out of my comfort zone :)

In reverse order challenge 4 was to alter an empty beans can :) I wasn't sure where I was going to go with this but because I found one of those plastic can saver lids in my kitchen draw I decided to use that to decorate the top by adding one of my paper flowers. I already had this made up so the papers were an easy choice.

I added a chipboard embellishment to the front as I intend to use it to save little pieces of paper with little memories written on them to help me with my scrapbooking. How often do you wish you had written something down to jog your memory... well this is going to be my way from now on :)

This is the top of the flower looking down so that you can see the vellum middle and the seed beads... I am loving these at the moment attached with 3d gloss. Sorry the photos are a bit pants at the moment I am working on it I promise :)

Challenge no 3 was to create an ATC altered doll... now I really had fun with this one... meet Acrobatic I wanted to do something different so out came my sketch pad and colouring pens and with the addition of a few other bits and pieces she was ready to join the

She wanted to be a girly girl... but all glammed up too so I gave her some flowers in her hair and some girly jewellery bits to adorn her arms... she was well chuffed I tell you... she kept looking up at me and smiling her approval. One thing that she insisted on was legs that would go right up to her neck... you know the sort of legs we all would give our high teeth Well I couldn't let her down could I....

and just to make sure she felt completely comfortable I let her wear her lovely colourful tights for when she would be indulging in her acrobatic feats...

Well the girl was so impressed she immediately launched into her acrobatics to let me know how blissfully happy she was and oh boy what a show... she's so flexible... what a gal.... hope you enjoyed the show....rofl

Okay last but not least Challenge no 2 was to create an album in a matchbox.... now this one for me was a tad difficult... not because of the challenge... I will try anything once but just the sheer size of it. The problem is I have got man fingers... honestly my hands are massive, so fiddly little things sometimes cause me heaps of problems. I did get there in the end though and was quite elated at the fact that I managed something half decent :)

The images were all rub-ons (sorry can't remember who by) and I went for a theme of Ladies accessories. I haven't fastened the tiny album together yet just so you could see the pages as some I did 3d. I actually for once did some major stamping to make the paper to cover my box and pages with ... because my friend Chriss gave me a special gift (thanks Chriss x) of two gorgeous stamps and I just had to play with them.

I used German scrap to add a bit of bling to the front which I got from Scrapz and then lined my box before decorating my tiny pages :)

Wow!! that was a long 'un ... need to get my breath back I will be looking forward to this weeks challenge and if you want to get yourself thinking out of the box and try out something different then pop over to Rosie and Linda's challenge blog yourself and join in with the fun.

See you soon... happy crafting :)


Chris xx


Susan Hickam said...

I adore your wonderful creations. I just did the challange for the tin can - my first with big art adventure blog- I think I am most throughly hooked! I really enjoyed the rest of your postings too!

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow Chris you are so busy.
Amazing pieces of art. Brilliant work. Love them all.

Linda Vincent said...

Oh my have been busy Chris!!!!
The can is just gorgeous - and isn't it good to make something useful like that?
Your dancing doll is a brilliant construction - I love the way the dress goes round the sides and she is such a CHARACTER!
And the box is beautiful - when I saw the first picture I thought it was a lovely ATC...and then I realised there was a lot more to it than that. Great artwork Chris...and thank you for joining in with our challenges.
Love Linda x

Rosie said...

Oh wow you HAVE been creative! Love the acrobatic doll, and well done for tackling the matchbox even though you found it a bit small, but my favourite has to be your fabby can! Thanks for joining in (and catching up)!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers!!! you have been busy I love all the work you have done, especially the paper doll she is gorgeous .
You are very talented Lady .
Love from sesga xx

Pearl said...

wow ! wow ! Wow ! indeed all are amazing ! You never cease to come up with eye popping wonders ! lol ! too fun these all are !

Chriss Rollins said...

OMG i adored the can and the matchbox they are the tops.
But your Doll had me on the floor LOL peeing myself laffffing.
you crazy woman, what a fabulous post
I am going back for more.
chriss x

Anonymous said...

Chris these are `gorgeous`That flower is to die for!!!!
..I love your girly girl..she is fab!!!!

Oh I wish I was still as flexible as that....!!!!lol....
Could of done that 20 yrs ago!!!yep no probs!!!rofpml...but what now!!!
old age and poverty.....springs to
Have a lovely DaY:)~X~

Kristen H said...

Firstly, love your paper flower. I love brown too, that whole project is wonderful.
My friends daughter was laying like your acrobat doll in a picture, and my husband thought she had a handicap. He felt bad for the girl. So, needless to say, your acrobat doll made me laugh good and hard this morning. Thanks. Have a great day, busy crafter. xxxxx

carolann said...

Wow these pieces are absolutely stunning hun I love the can excellent well done xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris - I'm really enjoying your blog! I just found the Awfully Big Art Adventure myself and it's already a favorite. You did a FAB job on the tin! I love that big flower on the top; I'm also totally into bling. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with next time.

Sharon said...

OMy Chris didnt you do well fantastic work..... As for you acrobatic ATC girl That is sooooo cool.... I can picture you setting her up!!!!!! well done to you for doing the challenges and showing us your art....
Sharon xxxxx

Chriss Rollins said...

Just had to come back and read this post again... I adore your doll ATC she is as funny as...roflmao
Also just want to say thanx for a great day crafting your company made my day.
chriss x

sharon said... fav...the doll of course..rofpmsl..gimme those legs anyday ;0).xxxxxxxx

Jaqi said...


~*~Patty S said...

WOW, so many great things to look at, you certainly DID get caught up in the challenges....lovely work!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Wow Chris - I am so impressed with all this! I just adore your ATC Doll!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

You did a beautiful job on these! They were a treat to look at!

Kath Stewart said...

love all your fab creations Chris and there is a little something for you on my blog

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow stunning work Chris ,colourfull and fabulous as always ,Dawnxx

Viola said...

All pieces look soooo fabulous!!! Wonderful artwork! :o)

Kazza said...

The altered can and matchbox are absolutely stunning but my fave is acrobatic Amy - I am green with envy of her 'flexible' long legs......
xxx Karen

Unknown said...

Just had a huuuuge catch up, didnt realise Id missed so many posts with bloglines playing up! Your stuff is truly incredible Chrissy - amazing, how do you come up with this stufff? xx

Chriss Rollins said...

u still up?

Shashi Nayagam said...

Chris your pieces are fabulous. Amazing work!! and I loved the post about your paper dolly.