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Friday, 24 October 2008

Big Art Adventure (fabric arch challenge)

Well I was determined that my creation for Rosie and Linda's challenge this week was NOT going to be the last one in BUT then as I tried to do my post last night Mr Blogger decided to be pacman... he chewed up my post and spat it out... I wasn't best pleased I can tell you, do you think he just needs a rest sometimes like us or is he just playing games!!

So anyway I'm last and on top of that I had a total blond moment with the challenge because for some strange reason even though I popped over to the girls' blog to check on it twice I had decided that it had to be completely hand sewn... although the prompt was for a 'fabric arch' duh!! Still I did have fun making my arch and playing around with my hand sewing for a change. I have been looking for an excuse to use this fabulous fabric that I received as a RAK about 2yrs ago... couldn't bring myself to use it back then because I thought it was so pretty but I just knew I wanted to use it for my arch.

I had to add some bling but I also did some chain stitch, running stitch and blanket stitch.. how good am I eh... though not the neatest sewer in the world I find hand sewing so relaxing. I decided to make my arch functional and not just pretty so I put some wadding inside so that I could use it as a pin cushion. It is about 6in tall but as you know I've got man hands and didn't fancy struggling with something tiny this week :)
I had a 'happy accident' with my main image... I used this beautiful girl which was a free image from Art-e-zine .... but it was supposed to be coloured.... my printer however decided otherwise. Just as I began printing my picture out onto transfer fabric.... the printer decided it would be fun to run out of 2 ink colours, only me being me... I didn't realize that it was printing out in black and white with a hint of turquoise 'till it was too late!! I still think she looks lovely though and I did give her a flower in her hair for extra prettiness :D

Now they say things come in three's and it really appears to be true in my case this First of all printer playing games, then Mr blogger having some fun of his own and as if that wasn't enough in one week... I spent the evening with my blogging pal Chriss last night crafting and eating cream cakes (heh heh... no choccie this week). Had a fab time as usual and left quite late to come home.... but NO that wasn't to be either!! Drove my usual way to discover the access to the road I normally take (the only way I know) was blocked off by a Police car... obviously an accident had occurred or something equally serious. So not really knowing another way, I tried to backtrack and join my road further up... but no that wasn't to be either, so not having my sat nav in the car I was stuck and ended up with no other option but to drive back to Chriss's almost 45mins later to beg a bed for the Luckily she is a sweet friend and let me back in ha ha :D So it then turned into a gossipy late night with both of us getting no sleep before 3 a.m. and then reminiscing over old memories from our childhood till we were laughing so much we could hardly breathe.... eeeeeh but what a lovely end to a totally peculiar week :D
Okay I'm off because as usual I am getting verbal diarrhoea... could be here all night and DG is impatiently waiting for me to take him to the shop for sweeties... may find myself in the proverbial dog house if I ignore him for much
Hope you're having a fun day
Chris xx


Linda Vincent said...

Oh wow Chris I am so impressed... chain stitch AND blanket stitch!!! Are you a 'glutton for punishment' as my mum would say? Lol!
Anyway, its a glorious arch - and useful too, well done.
Love Linda xx

Denise said...

Don't feel alone, Mr Blogger was suffering from PMS yesterday! Took for ages to do anything and then have it NOT work!
Back to what's important! Your arch is gorgeous! You had fun and games with Chriss! I do note that the quantity of chocolate and coffee was not mentioned ;)

Dawn♥ said...

WOW what a beauty Chris. I absolutely all that wonderful stitching. The colors ROCK. Great job.

Sandy said...

Wow Chris This is arch is perfect.
Incredible design. Love them.

Chriss Rollins said...

Oh I have seen this in the flesh and it is gorgeous with a capital G.

think we all had trouble with Mr Blogger this week...they are changing STUFF.
Have a lovely weekend with DGS.
chriss x

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a happy accident that was. The picture goes perfectly with your arch colour scheme. You are a clever lady. You did such a wonderful job of the hand stitching.

Kristen H said...

Very Impressive Chris...
I did it in a round about way, because I didn't know how to pass it along, but I gave you an award on my blog.
Love your stuff...and I love your comments that you leave me. You always make my day brighter!

Joanne said...

Wow Chris, all that stitching I am impressed, you put me to shame :D The turquoise really works well so reckon the printer did it on purpose. Love the fabric too.

Jo x

sharon said...

Aww..poor you, I hate driving at night..but to not be able to get home..aarrgghh, nightmare..I imagine you cracked open a bottle of wine once you didn't have to drive home?
LOVE your stitching and the colours..xx

Viola said...

Wonderful work, Chris! :o)

Anonymous said...

`Wow` Chris your stitching is Marvelous...Your ATC is gorgeous:)
Hope your printer and things are all better now!!!
and well it sounds like so much fun when you two get together!!!!
Glad your safe and well:)~X~

~*~Patty S said...

Chris your fabric arch turned out beautifully, such lovely colors!

Jaqi said...

This is stunning Chris, the colours are fab, thats a lovely image on the fabric. Well done it looks great, JAQI X
ps. can I come to you for sewing lessons.......hehehe xx

Marlou McAlees said...

this is just a work of art chris!!! amazing!!! and looove the little birdie card on post below :) sometimes I have trouble getting to leave comments on blogs, about a dozen, yours happens to be one incase you dont see my comments, im still looking at your lovely creations :) hugzz xx