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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Get well soon card

The last couple of days have been a bit of a worry for me because my Dad had an operation yesterday for his 4th knee replacement (no he hasn't got 4 knees... he's just had to have them both replaced twice :)

The last time he had the same op we thought we were going to lose him due to infection and complications after the op... so this time was more worrying because of that. It was necessary for him to have the procedure again because of his constant agonizing pain but sometimes the risks seem really high... because of other health problems he can't have general anaesthetic so has to have an epidural and be awake... although I must admit he seems to enjoy knowing what is going on and wasn't at all worried about the banging and other noises associated with having bone manipulated and foreign objects screwed into place ( though it makes me nauseous just to imagine going through something similar myself!! )

Thankfully so far everything has gone according to plan and seeing him today has made me feel better because although tired he seems quite chipper. Dad loves amusing cards and was made up with this one... suits his sense of humour to a Tee :D Who says Halloween stuff has to just be for Halloween!!

The papers are from Willow Design stamps (Occasions collection CD) and the image again from Kate Hadfield... a little bubble of computer generated text completed it nicely and Dad loved it :D So thank you ladies for your beautiful designs !!

My Dad isn't one to let things get to him and as long as he stays reasonably well... he will go all out to make sure he is home with us as soon as he can be. I know he would hate to think we are all worrying over him but I will just be so relieved when he is out of the hospital and well on the road to recovery. He isn't a young man and has had more than his fair share of pain and suffering so I'm hoping that when he is mobile again he and my Mam can look forward to a lovely happy holiday together... they really really deserve it.
See you soon
Chris xx


Uneekdolldesigns said...

The card is perfect for him, and I send him the biggest get well wish!
Parents do become more like our children as we age, don't they?
(We have to worry over them like our kids!)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I sure hope everything continues to go well! This card is PERFECT, and it's very funny! I love it!

sharon said...

aWW..hun..sorry to hear about your dads leg...keep ya chin up...that is a fantastic idea for a get well soon card..please..when you come over..parcel up some of those ideas and send it my way..:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Smashing card Chris, he'll love it, and hope he recovers well very soon x

Unknown said...

Smashing card Chris, he'll love it, and hope he recovers well very soon x

Shashi Nayagam said...

Absolutely lovely card and what a wonderful sense of humour. Well sending him some white healing lights to get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Aw Chris...
Lots of love to your dear Dad..I do hope he is feeling a lot `better` soon:)
Your card is `fabulous` just what the Dr .ordered I say:)
Love to you & big (((hugs)))~X~

Godelieve said...

Fun card! All the best to your Dad!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Chris,
thanx for the chat as i know you are busy this last couple of days.
your dad is giving those nurses a run for his money... you must have his SOH.
love his card you made him...great papers too.
chriss x

Kristen H said...

I wish your dad the best. My mom had her knees replaced last year one at a time. I love the card. It is nice to see a "silly" get well card. Makes healing much more fun.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, this card is hilarious...sure to lift his spirits and give him a good chuckle. Sure hope all goes well for him. It IS always a worry isn't it?!! Hugs....

Sandy said...

Wow Chris this card is so funny.
The stamp is brilliant.
Fantastic work. Love it.

Kath Stewart said...

perfect card Chris and you obviously inherited your sense of humour from your Dad...wishing him a speedy recovery and home soon

~*~Patty S said...

Chris ~ Sending every good and special wish to all your family. What a great card! Your dad sounds like quite a guy; hope he's resting comfortably at home real soon! Take Care oxoo

Enfys said...

Chris, this card is perfect, funny as well, I hope your dad is getting better now. x

Anonymous said...

I Hope your Dad is getting better quickly ,Its such a worry .
I hope you are okay too .
I love the card you made him ,I bet he did too.
Hugs from sesga xx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

What a fabulous image for a get well card - love it Chris!

Kate Hadfield said...

I just stumbled across this card today! What a fun card, this would definitely cheer me up! :)