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Monday, 20 October 2008

I believe in Fairies.....

I do... I do... I Well someone's been looking after me cos after a good night and most of the morning sleeping I now feel ready to take on almost anything... and on top of that I'm in a fabulously good mood which isn't too common for me. I'm beginning to think I'm a manic I'm either down in the dumps or on so much of a high I could swing from the chandaliers (well if I had some that is) Cor that would be a sight for sore eyes...believe me!!!
Anyway I did these cards a while ago and forgot to share them with you so I thought since I'm once again in the fairy mood these cards are just the ticket today :) The stamps were designed by our blogging pal Sharon and you can visit her blog here or get some of her stamps for yourself here. Hey just noticed I used some ribbon....oooooooer strike me down with a The paper on the first one is from one of June's digital freebies at Cens loft. Sorry can't remember which one but she always has lots of fab digital papers that you can download and print off to use in your paper crafts. She is also starting to do pdf downloads for those of you who want an easy way to get some great designs for yourself.

The papers I used on these two cards are from Marieke Vermeulen... I love Marieke's designs because they are just soooo colourful... she has got a great sale on printables in her Etsy shop right now so pop over there and see some eye candy for yourself, you won't be sorry and if you'd like to see some of her fab projects go visit her blog too :D
Hope you are all having a fun day... I'm off to blog hop now and catch up with you all. Thanks for all your good wishes while I've been poorly sick... you guys rock!!
See you soon :D
Chris xx


sharon said...

YOO too..doesn't everyone believe in fairies? ;)

I get so excited to see what people make with our stamps and you always manage to bring them to life with your use of colour...thanks for making them look soooooooo pretty.xxxx

Ribbon...I feel honoured you have used some of your precious threads to adorn my

Susan Hickam said...

Wonderful cards- love how they turned out! I have never done cards before-looks fun. Thanks for your kind comments earlier today. Have a great Blue Monday.

Digi Stamp Boutique said...

These are fabulous....super cute images and wonderful bright them...xx

Kristen H said...

these colors are so cheery. It is so dark and gloomy today that these cards really brightened my day!!!
And who doesn't like a fairie???

Shashi Nayagam said...

You could make people believe in fairies by your cards. These are superb! Beautiful colours I love them.

Chriss Rollins said...

hey you can colour inside the lines
and pretty colours they are too.
chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

hey mr blogger does a spell check on our comments
nice one. x

carolann said...

stunning card hun love the colours xxx

Linda Vincent said...

Cute cards and zingy colours!!
Love Linda x
PS Thank you for your wonderful comments Chris :-)

My Paper World said...

I Looooooves your cute fairy cards Chris! the colours are very cheery!
I'm gonna come back when I've got more time, for a proper look at your new blog!
Nicola xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Chriss...glad your not poorly sick now chick!!!
I loves all your cards they are `gorgeous`...
I didnt believe in faries the other week when I lost me tooth...
`Nothin` under my pillow!!!!lol...
Maybe I scared em off snoring or summet!!!lol........
I loves faries really:)~X~

Pearl said...

always great to come by here , Chris!!!

look at yer rawking the fairies style now ! lol !

i sometimes turn this hobby into a sport ! what can i say ! love pain !!!

ok what say you seriously about a scrappy design contest such as this - in a nutshell ?

contestants go thru' 7 weeks of challenges - every wk - people get eliminated . in the last wk out of 10 contestants one winner will be picked . the prize ? no certainty of a permanent DT spot !but at least a GDT spot.

My 13 yr old DD had some wise things to say about it !