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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Altered popcorn bucket - halloween

Well it's technically Friday but this is Thursdays post cos it's been one of those days when nothing has really gone to plan time wise... but in a nice way. Dad continues to improve and is getting into trouble from the nurses already for not doing as he's told... though when they see the glint of devilment in his eyes I know telling him off will be very tongue in cheek :D He always manages to come out of hospital with a dozen more friends than he went in with. Thank you all for your comments wishing him well.. it means a lot to me. I've spent today running backwards and forwards to appointments and the like so no crafting done today... planned to do it this evening but ended up on the phone chatting for 3hrs (could be more actually ... sorry Sharon but when I talk .... I really talk...rofl)
So it's just as well I have my Blue Peter project ready (you know... here's one I made
My final Halloween creation... well the witching hour is almost here. I ate all the popcorn from the tub.... but only in the interest of Trick 'a' Treat you understand... DG will need it empty to store his collection of goodies :D
More black paint on this one... but only because on my bottle on the post further down the paint took an age to dry... so I started doing the bucket in between coats.
I was really good with my addiction too... cut up some RIBBON... lots of it!!!
Made sure that the time was displayed in the window so the witches will know what hour to go witching on their broomsticks....

and ensured there was a bat to keep an eye on the bubbling cauldron :D
Pumpkins and monsters are ready for tricking ... with bags ready for the alternative treats

with huge grins to scare you into

and whoever misses out on tradition could well find themselves followed around by these fellas... just to make sure you get the message. So Happy Halloween and boo to you all ;-D

Credits (all images except computer generated lettering are Kate Hadfield)

Thanks for looking


Chris xx


sharon said...

Are you running a temperature hun?..maybe you need a bit of therapy using ALL that bucket...of course..I am expecting a pic of you all dressed up for Halloween holding your bucket...go on...I know you want to ;)xxxxxxx

ps...and as the advert says.."it's always good to talk".xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and after is an improvement from our last 5HR call...;)

Chriss Rollins said...

wow this is

One very clever creatve lady.
those images are spooktacular.
Every kid is gonna want that bucket... will have to eat pop corn all year round to make us all one.
chriss x

Kazza said...

Fabulous Chris - what a perfect card - sure to make him feel better instantly. Hope your dad is well again soon. xxxx Karen

Anonymous said...

`This` is spooktacular :)
Glad your Dad is feeling in good spirits Chris...
`Happy Halloween`:)~X~

Chriss Rollins said...

hey friend here is a link you must see

you will want one...

chriss x

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is BRILLIANT !!!!
So fantastic idea.
I´m overwhelmed. Love them.

Happy Halloween.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh you are so talented! To turn a simple tub into a wonderful tub is so clever

Rosie said...

Wow! It looks awesome - I'm really glad you let me know you'd used the digi elements. And you can never have too much ribbon!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

This is fantastic - love those images and all that gorgeous ribbon!!

Linda Vincent said...

Your mojo is having a field day!!! You are certainly on a creative roll Chris - such great ideas.
Hope your dad is on the mend.
Love Linda xxx

Viola said...

Another great work!

Mary-Beth said...

Wow Chris this is brilliant!

carolann said...

You have been busy brilliant work
well done hun xxxxx

Jaqi said...

super bucket, brilliant images, Jqi x