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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bad hair day

Do you have bad hair days.... I have them all the time... especially now I'm older and have to resort to colour from a box to cover the white  My niece recently asked me why I had hair like her chocolate... I asked what she meant and she said....because it's white at the top and brown at the bottom just like my chocolate bar!!!!!

So after that little conversation I have decided that if my hair is as nice as chocolate  ;-D  I am gonna love it no matter what it looks like.  This little lady from Dyan's fab downloads has the strangest pony tails ever...ha ha ha... but she is embracing their uniqueness  ??? wearing her best hat to hide her roots while hiding behind her dark glasses...just in case she bumps into anyone she knows..pmsl :-D
Have a great day
Chris xx


Lori said...

This is really cool, Chris! Funny about the chocolate

Sandy said...

Ha ha this is fun and sooo cool.
Stunning piece of art.

Sandra Hall said...

Very endearing and funny 'chocolate hair' story - a perfect fit for the crazy hair lady!

Unknown said...

Ilove this piece! I can totally relate!