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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sketch journal page6

More sketches from my art journal to share with you this week.... hope you aren't bored with them :D  A bit different though... as this time I am sharing pretty girlie's instead of ladies.

Still loving coloured pencils and experimenting a little with hairstyles too.  Like everything else practice makes perfect and I feel am improving... you can decide as the week goes on.  ;-)

Chris xx


Gez Butterworth said...

Oooh Chris your girl is absolutely beautiful. Everything about her is perfect. Her eyes, her lips, her nose.. & all with pencil. Amazing.
Thanks for sharing. We definately want to see more..xx

Artyjen said...

I'm with Gez....more..more...more!
I feel a song coming on! :)
xox Sioux

Linby said...

She is very pretty-so pleased for you that you have found this talent.

Sandra Hall said...

I think she's different, not only because sh'e a girl not a woman, she has a softness about her. They are lovely sketches Chris, you must be thrilled at your work. x x

Angela said...

Your sketches are great! I really think you've done an awesome job! I especially like the eyes on your gals!

Sandy said...

Pretty little girl Chris.
Wonderful drawing again.I love it.

Have a lovely sunday my dear friend.

Karen said...

Awe...she is so lovely Chris....I thought that you were spot on before but you have excelled yourself my lovely xxx

Electra said...

I love the smile on her face, Chris. She's delightful!