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Monday, 13 December 2010

Dairy doll

A bit of fun with this one cos I was in a playful mood.  There's nothing quite like letting your imagination run riot.  Created with backgrounds and images from Lisa's Altered Art.

She may have fish for feet... but I sure hope her feet don't smell
Chris xx


Lori said...

hahaha, adorable! Love the bright colors, this is great! Fish smell would be better than the way my feet smell

Karen said...

Oh this is so cute! Fish for feet? only you could do that hahahaha! HUGS XXX

Electra said...

I love this! Hey, are those boobies???

Netty said...

Oh wow how clever this is. Fab work. Annette x

Sandra Hall said...

Mmmm...I noticed her boobies too! Great, quirky fun piece of art Chris! x x

Sandy said...

Oh wow she is adorable.
Lovely and cute. Fantastic work.