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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sunset painting

Well I wasn't going to share any more sketching or painting with you just yet BUT I can't help it.... I HAD to show you this because I am jumping through hoops at myself ;-)  My sister gave me some oil  pastel crayons and I had never used them before but had to have a go.

Well you could knock me over with a bloomin'  feather cos I did this with them... yes ME... I DID THIS!! I can't bling-kin well believe it.  I am shocked at how much I love it and more so by where it came from...who'd have thunk it. 

 Anyhoo only one little problem so I'm hoping that one of you lovely peeps will be able to help me.  The artwork doesn't dry but because I did it on a canvas board I don't want the hassle of framing it.   Does anyone know of a way to seal oil pastel art.  Even touching it produces marks and fingerprints and although they can be smoothed out I want to display it without worrying about anyone spoiling it by being touchy feely.  Any help gratefully received :D

Chris xx


Lori said...

Un-flippin'-freakin' believable! This is AWESOME! Oil pastels, seriously? OMG...I have no idea how to seal it, the only suggestion I have is to put it up higher than the tallest person can reach...rofl...

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow wow wow so beautiful Chris.

Di said...

This is stunning Chris, I love art and this is a seriously good piece :o)

I think you can seal it with a clear acrylic spray but I would visit the pastel manufacturers website and see what they suggest.

jill said...

Fantastic this is a great drawing. I wonder if the oils will dry given time but like Di says you could google it and see the pastel manufacturer

Zoechaos said...

Wonderful stunning art should be displayed with pride. Have never actually used oil pastels but if they are like oil paints they will dry very slowly - oil paint takes up to 6 months! xx Zoe

Karen said...

OMG Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely STUNNING!!!! Clever, clever you! HUGS XXX

Unknown said...

I know this has been a long time but I ran across this on a google search. I wouldn't put acrylic spray on it but you have probably already done it. In the future use Workable Fixatif (no I didn't misspell it) You can get a cheap can of workable Fixatif through the Krylon company at Hobby Lobby.