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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sketch journal page9

Getting a bit braver now and have started to add more detail to my sketches.... this one inspired by the lovely Hawaiian girls who wear gorgeous flower garlands on their heads and around their neck.

I'm having more fun with the hair too now that I'm not doing just outlines filled with colour.

I think that soon I will begin some larger pieces... these are only about 5" x 7"... just so that I have more space to experiment with the backgrounds. 
While rutting through my crafty bits looking for something the other day I came across some Crayola Shader pencils (sometimes I am soooo glad I am a and I can't wait to try them to see what different effects they will offer me.
Thanks for looking
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Oh a flower girl.
Wonderful colors and your drawing rock. Love them again Chris.

Karen said...

ooo she is gorgeous as well!!! Love her cupids bow mouth :D xxx

Diane said...

She's wonderful!