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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sketch journal page4

Now that I am getting used to the way the pencil works on the paper in my sketch pad I have started to become a bit more adventurous and finding out new things along the way.  I have discovered that by using tissue instead of my fingers I can blend the pencil on the paper better.

The tissue will also remove some of the heavier graphite (I do tend to be a bit heavy handed).  I have tried hard not to use an eraser while I've been sketching because then I have to be a bit more focused about what I'm doing.  Some of the mistakes in the original sketch and the hair style have been changed simply with the coloured pencil and tissue.... tis so clever how this works. 

Using the tissue to blend also gives a more delicate look to the finished sketch  and I am loving doing the faces this way.

Hope you like and thank you for following my sketching journey :D
Chris xx


Artyjen said...

Another lovely sketch :)
xoxo Sioux

Sally H said...

Just managed to visit your last few posts and your faces are wonderful! They are such characters! One of them reminds me of a girl I was at college with called Mandy - beautiful and clever academically, but no common sense!

Sandy said...

Oh wow these are again so beautiful.
You are a master in drawing Chris. Very inspiring.

Sandra Hall said...

She's lovely Chris, she looks so ethereal - so that tissue tip is a good idea (not that I can imagine myself EVER doing something so lovely as this!) x

Netty said...

Loving the use of the tissue and wow those mauve eyelids are stunning. Annette

Karen said...

oooooo again!!!! She looks so glamorous Chris...such a beautiful face! Brilliant tip about the tissue. Have you used aordinary colouring pencils on this one< The colours are lovely & I wish my boobs were like that :D xxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Stunning artwork Chris. She is gorgeous.xx

Linby said...

oh wow-she is fab both coloured and uncoloured.